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Matching Results: RBI Bells

Diatonic Glockenspiel 8 Note (RB2304)

Diatonic Glockenspiel 8 Note (RB2304)$13.95

8-note Diatonic Glockenspiel This unique bell set is great for early childhood. The note names are indicated on each of the individually colored bars. Accurately pitched with a diatonic range from c2 to c3, mallets included. All corners are rounded for safety.

Step Bell Ladder (RB991)

Step Bell Ladder (RB991)$13.50

This unique teaching aid enables students to see the relationship between pitch and elevation by placing resonator bells on the a step ladder. Whole steps and half steps for a diatonic eight note major scale are properly cut. **DOES NOT INCLUDE BELLS

Brass Tea Bell (RB842)

Brass Tea Bell (RB842)$7.15

Low tinkling sound produced by brass bell on a wooden handle.

Tea/Liberty Bell (RB841)

Tea/Liberty Bell (RB841)$3.70

2.5″ nickel-plated bell with black wooden handle produces a loud bell sound.

Wrist/Loop Bells (RB839)

Wrist/Loop Bells (RB839)$3.15

4 large nickel silver bells rivested on plastic webbing. Played by shaking or clapping hands together.

Cluster/Multibells (RB838)

Cluster/Multibells (RB838)$2.90

3 large nickel silver bells riveted on a plastic covered metal handle. Played by shaking in time with the music.

Handle Bells

Handle Bells$9.15-$14.75

13 or 25 nickle silver sleigh bells mounted on a blue plastic handle.

Mounted Bell Set

Mounted Bell Set$3.95-$5.55

5, 7, or 9 sleighbells mounted on a blue plastic band with an enamel handle.

Single Jingle Bell (RB803)

Single Jingle Bell (RB803)$2.35

Large sleighbell mounted on a handle.

Small Monk Wooden Bell Block (RB774)

Small Monk Wooden Bell Block (RB774)$16.95

Wooden bell with 5″ handle and a 3.5″ x 2.5″ diameter bell. A great wood block tone!