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Matching Results: RBI Tambourines

Little Star Tambourines (RB184*)

Little Star Tambourines (RB184*)$6.95

These 5″ tambourines include 4 pairs of jingles. (note; price is per tambourine)

Wood Rim Headless Tambourines

Wood Rim Headless Tambourines$5.95-$9.95

These wood rim tambourines are available in 6, 7, 8, and 10 inches.

Vibramax Rim Headless Double Jingle Tambourines

Vibramax Rim Headless Double Jingle Tambourines$14.95-$19.95

Vibramax rim headless tambourines in 8″ and 10″ each with 16 pairs of jingles.

Vibramax Rim Headless Tambourines

Vibramax Rim Headless Tambourines$12.75-$16.75

Headless tambourines with vibramax rims. Available in 6″, 8″, and 10″.

Polyfiber Head Double Jingle Tambourines

Polyfiber Head Double Jingle Tambourines$20.75-$24.75

Non-replaceable polyfiber heads with vibramax rims. Available in 8″ and 10″ each with 16 pairs of jingles.

Polyfiber Head Tambourines

Polyfiber Head Tambourines$15.95-$19.95

Non-replaceable polyfiber head and vibramax rims. Available in 6″, 8″, and 10″ each with 1 pair of jingles per inch.

Ten Inch Tunable Tambourines

Ten Inch Tunable Tambourines$21.55-$23.95

10 tension lugs and a top quality head. Available with 9 and 18 pairs of nickel silver jingles.

Plastic Rim Tambourines (RB925-926)

Plastic Rim Tambourines (RB925-926)$7.95-$10.35

Rugged and built to last. These unique tambourines incorporate an unbreakable, reinforced polystyrene rim with cowhide head. Top quality jingle complement these superior quality tambourines and provide superb tone. The cowhide heads are excellent for school use and are extremely durable! Available in 6″ (5 pair jingles), 7″ (5 pair jingles), and 8″ (6 pairnbsp;… [View Details]

Double Jingle Tap (RB885)

Double Jingle Tap (RB885)$3.95

Two sets of tambourine jingles mounted on a formed head with a wooden handle to produce jingle rhythms.

Jingle Tap (RB848)

Jingle Tap (RB848)$2.35

A pair of nickel-plated tambourine jungles mounted on a wooden head with a handle. Played by tapping against the palm of the hand to give the jingle effect of a tambourine. Excellent for all rhythms.