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***CLOSEOUT*** Remo 6″ Prism Tambourine (WMC-TA4106-45)

***CLOSEOUT*** Remo 6″ Prism Tambourine (WMC-TA4106-45)$14.95

This Pre-tuned Prizmatic Tambourine is lightweight, durable as well as stylish, producing a quality drum sound for all music activities.The Pre-tuned Prizmatic tambourines feature reflective graphic drumhead that is affixed on Remo’s Acousticon®  shell with single row of jingles.

8″ Plastic Tambourine (WMC-TA7102)

8″ Plastic Tambourine (WMC-TA7102)$8.75

WMC-TA7102 AGES 3+ This 8” tambourine comes in three colors: red, blue and black. It has a plastic body with seven brightly toned jingles and an easy to grip handle. Jingles have rolled edges for safety.

Small Star Tambourine (WMC-TA7002)

Small Star Tambourine (WMC-TA7002)$4.95

Fun, colorful tambourines just right for young children! 5″ with 4 sets of jingles in yellow, green or purple, for ages 18 mths+

Handy Tambourine (WMC-TA7202)

Handy Tambourine (WMC-TA7202)$6.25

handy tambourine Easy to hold and play, this tambourine is lightweight and produces a nice, crisp sound when shaken. Safety tested for ages 3+.

Jingle Tap (WMC-TA7103)

Jingle Tap (WMC-TA7103)$2.50

jingle tap Two tambourine jingles attached to a hardwood handle, make the jingle tap an accessible, and fun instrument for anyone to play! Safety tested for ages 3+.

Wooden Headless Tambourines (WMC-TA5202-**)

Wooden Headless Tambourines (WMC-TA5202-**)$5.75-$8.90

6″, 8″ and 10″ wood tambourines W/o HEAD These wooden tambourines contain four (6″), five (8″) and six (10″) sets of jingles and a satin finish on the rim. With its lightweight design and brightly toned jingles, these tambourines will be a favorite! Safety tested for ages 3+.

Star Tambourines (WMC-TA7201)

Star Tambourines (WMC-TA7201)$7.95

This headless tambourine, set in a fun star shape, features a double row of 7 pairs of jingles. 8.5″ across (handle to top point) Colors may vary from pictured. Ages: 8 years and older.