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MindysMusikids is a division of Rose Marketing Inc. We have been in the music industry for over 30 years. This site is dedicated to all of the music teachers, directors, and educators who have supported our children’s ventures for over 20 years. We strive to bring you a wide range of quality products at the lowest possible prices! If you don’t see something you are looking for or someone has better prices, please tell us!

This is an industry site for teachers, schools, educators & music programs. Please note that there are minimums for each company represented on our site but they are quite low.

Sadly, our friend Mindy passed away in November, 2011. MindysMusiKids will continue to give you the kind of personal service Mindy did for the past 20 years. We hope to earn your continued support and thank you for it!

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New Products:

Play Along Deluxe Kit (PADK-1)

Play Along Deluxe Kit (PADK-1)$99.95

This is a great mix of the most popular play along rhythm instruments!  This added value kit has 22 instruments plus a draw string nylon bag to help hold some of it. You get all this for $99.95     1 Rhythm Club Floor Tom 1 Wood 8″ Hand Drum 1 Tone Blocks w/Mallet 4 Wrist Bells 1 4″ Triangles […]

Play Along Super Kit (PASK-1)

Play Along Super Kit (PASK-1)$199.95

This fantastic selection of the most popular play along rhythm instruments is a real winner for care-givers and children alike!! This added value kit has 38 instruments plus a draw string nylon bag to help hold some of it. You get all this for $199.95 (only $15 shipping to 48 states)   The Play Along Super […]

Plastic Guiro Shaker SH5001

Plastic Guiro Shaker SH5001$4.00

Plastic Guiro Shaker  SH5001 Explore two different sounds with this clever instrument. Use the stick to scrape along the ridges for a guiro sound and shake for a shaker sound. The stick conveniently stores in the handle. Ages 3+ • 7.8″ x 1.75″

Mini Color Cabasa CB7906

Mini Color Cabasa CB7906$14.95

  Mini Color Cabasa This multi-colored wood painted cabasa has 6 rows of beads. Don’t let the small size fool you. The 6” size makes it perfect for younger players, school programs or individuals with smaller hands. Played by rubbing the beads back and forth in the palm of the hand.      Ages 3+ […]

Wooden Egg Shaker 12-pack SH9004

Wooden Egg Shaker 12-pack SH9004$65.50

Wooden Egg Shaker 12-pack These high quality wooden jumbo egg shakers come in a beautiful multi-colored counter top display with 12 eggs in 3 different colors. They are easy to hold and they sound great.  Ages 0+   3″ x 2.5″

Beet Root Clapper 6-pack (WMC5627)

Beet Root Clapper 6-pack (WMC5627)$29.95

Hold the wooden stem handle and move back and forth to create a clapping sound. Beetroot clapper comes in a box of 6.   Ages 12 mos+   2.4″ x 3.8″ x 1.6″

Wooden Fish Castanet 12-pack (WMC6406)

Wooden Fish Castanet 12-pack (WMC6406)$49.95

Beautiful clapping sound is produced by these large Fish Castanets.  Children can use these castanets to create body movements and dances.  Children will learn to adjust their hand movement to create different sounds that help improve hand muscles through the rhythmic tapping and squeezing of the castanet. (Note: Price is for 12 Castanets) Ages 1+ […]

Pineapple Maraca 6 pack (5628)

Pineapple Maraca 6 pack (5628)$29.95

Fun Fun Fun!!! This tropical maraca comes in a box of 6. Shake handle back and forth to produce rattle sound. • Shaker in a fun pineapple shape• Delicate shaking sound• Made of wood• 2.6″ x 3.9″ x 2.1″• Ages 12 mos+

Canta y Baila Kits

Canta y Baila Kits$650.00 - $975.00 - $1545.00

These high value kits give you everything you need to start your Canta y Baila program!! You can add any additional items by locating them on the site (search window) and adding them to your shopping cart. Please contact us or put a note on the order if you want to add puppets to a […]

Egg Shakers (SH9002-**)

Egg Shakers (SH9002-**)$1.25

Egg shakers These eggs are made by LP Rhythmix for WMC! They have always been the highest quality on the market and now you can buy them in any quantities you want (WMC does have a $50 min combined goods). A classic, these brightly colored egg shakers are enjoyable for children and adults alike. Eggs are […]

Salsa Club Egg Shaker Eggs 72 pack (CS405)

Salsa Club Egg Shaker Eggs 72 pack (CS405)$56.95

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!! This is a great closeout deal for these egg 72 pce packs at only $.079 ea. The eggs are very similar to Rhythm Tech eggs but come in a nice color pop box containing 12 of each green, blue, yellow, pink, beige and black.  There are only 12 3 of these packs in stock […]

Toddler Maracas / Chikitas Pairs (MA7001)

Toddler Maracas / Chikitas Pairs (MA7001)$3.49

Children love these little, easy to hold maracas and the bright colors! Sold in pairs. 2″ x 5″ for ages 18 mths.+