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***SPECIAL*** Reg. $39.95!!   Glockenspeil Diatonic 8 Note (WMC-GL7204)

***SPECIAL*** Reg. $39.95!! Glockenspeil Diatonic 8 Note (WMC-GL7204)$32.50

GL7204 • WHITE BARS, RED WOODEN BASE • COMES WITH MALLET • DIATONIC • RUBBER PINS • PITCHED c”’ TO c”” • 12.25″ x 5.5″ x 1.5″ This easy to use 8-note glockenspiel has each note’s letter name on the bar. Accurately pitched with a diatonic range from c”’ to c””. Includes a pair ofnbsp;… [View Details]

Jingle Bell (WMC-BE9001)

Jingle Bell (WMC-BE9001)$1.75

jingle bell This instrument features a single jingle bell securely attached to a wooden handle. Safety tested for ages 18 months+.

Cluster Bells (WMC-BE5001)

Cluster Bells (WMC-BE5001)$2.95

cluster bell The one-piece plastic loop on this cluster bell securely holds three stainless steel bells. This fun instrument can be completely sanitized. Safety tested for children ages 18 months+.

Wrist Bells (WMC-BE7001)

Wrist Bells (WMC-BE7001)$2.75

wrist bells Four bells securely attached to a colorful nylon strap with a velcro closure.  Note that price is for one wrist bell, They attach to a child’s wrist or ankle! 18mths+

Cage Bell & Rain Shaker (WMC-K7104)

Cage Bell & Rain Shaker (WMC-K7104)$9.75

Black and white contrast make for a great first musical instrument. Set includes a cage bell shaker, a small rain shaker and an activity guide. 3 mos.+

8-Note Handbell Starter Kit (WMC-KI7216)

8-Note Handbell Starter Kit (WMC-KI7216)$73.00


On-The-Go Rhythm Travel Kit (KI7206)

On-The-Go Rhythm Travel Kit (KI7206)$38.00


Standard Elementary Player Kits (WMC-KI5201-**)

Standard Elementary Player Kits (WMC-KI5201-**)$ 56.00-$142.00

      Number of Players:

Triangles (WMC-TR7201-**)

Triangles (WMC-TR7201-**)$3.45-$4.25

triangles These steel triangles (available in 4″ or 6″) produce a beautiful, high pitched (4″) and low pitched (6″) ringing tone. Constructed with a string through the top to allow for maximum vibration, these are great triangles with great prices! Beater included. Safety tested for ages 3+.