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***SPECIAL*** Reg. $53.50!!  Bodhran Drum – Tie Dye 12″  (WMC-BO9202)

***SPECIAL*** Reg. $53.50!! Bodhran Drum – Tie Dye 12″ (WMC-BO9202)$43.50

WMC-BO9202     AGES 3+ This 12″ Bodhran has a beautiful natural skin tie dye head. The wood frame and the leather wrapped handle make this a favorite. Includes a leather headed beater.

Play Along Deluxe Kit (WMC-PADK-1)

Play Along Deluxe Kit (WMC-PADK-1)$99.95

This is a great mix of the most popular play along rhythm instruments!  This added value kit has 22 instruments plus a draw string nylon bag to help hold some of it. You get all this for $99.95     1 Rhythm Club Floor Tom 1 Wood 8″ Hand Drum 1 Tone Blocks w/Mallet 4 Wrist Bells 1 4″ Trianglesnbsp;… [View Details]

Plastic Finger Castanet (WMC-CA7002)

Plastic Finger Castanet (WMC-CA7002)$0.95

finger castanets These plastic finger castanets are colorful, sanitizable, fun, and great sounding! Just pinch the two sides together to create a clicking sound. An inexpensive way to add great sound to your rhtyhm instrument collection. Safety tested for ages 18 months+.

International Rhythm Kit (WMC-KI7210)

International Rhythm Kit (WMC-KI7210)$97.00


African Talking Drum (WMC-TD9901)

African Talking Drum (WMC-TD9901)$51.25

african talking drum This 11″ x 5″ drum has a natural wood shell, natural skin head and includes a mallet. Also known as a squeezer drum, place under your arm and strike the head. Hear the sound get higher as you squeeze tighter.

Calabash Rattle (WMC-SH9909)

Calabash Rattle (WMC-SH9909)$11.50

calabash rattle This African instrument is created from woven strips of cane and pieces of calabash with pebbles inside, the calabash rattle produces a bell-like sound. Shake or tap against your hand to create various sounds.

Musical Balls (WMC-SH9908)

Musical Balls (WMC-SH9908)$8.50

Musical balls Similar to egg shakers, this African instrument is made from small pumpkin gourds hollowed out and filled with pebbles, sea-shells or bottle caps to create unique sounds.

Uyot Seed Rattle (WMC-SH9907)

Uyot Seed Rattle (WMC-SH9907)$21.00

uyot seed rattle Made from uyot seed and palm fiber, this rattle is attached to a nylon cord handle.

Caxixi Rattle (WMC-SH9906)

Caxixi Rattle (WMC-SH9906)$8.00

caxixi rattle Made in Ghana, West Africa, this rattle is 8″ tall and is woven out of straw.