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Toca Freestyle Colorsound Djembe Drums 7″ Set of 7 FREE SHIPPING (RB-TFCDJ-7MS)

Toca Freestyle Colorsound Djembe Drums 7″ Set of 7 FREE SHIPPING (RB-TFCDJ-7MS)$199

Overview Available in seven eye-catching metallic colors, Freestyle Colorsound Djembes are 12-1/2″ high with a durable 7″ synthetic head. Each djembe is made from a lightweight, synthetic shell material, making them ideal for music educators and drum circle enthusiasts. Freestyle Colorsound Djembes are available in sets of seven different colors.  Toca’s Freestyle Colorsound Djembes arenbsp;… [View Details]

Wave – Ocean Drum (RB1218)

Wave – Ocean Drum (RB1218)$16.00

Play the Wave Drum like a hand drum with the included mallet or create the sound of ocean surf by tilting the drum slowly from one side to the other and letting the inner beads go to work.

Den Den Drum (RB1210)

Den Den Drum (RB1210)$4.75

Rolling the handle allows the 2 beads to alternate hitting the heads. Lots of fun and aids dexterity.

Tom Boy (RB918)

Tom Boy (RB918)$9.50

A fine Tom Tom effect is produced when struck with the included mallet.

Snare Boy (RB917)

Snare Boy (RB917)$9.50

Two snare wires under a durable cowhide head. 5″ diameter, with a wooden handle and mallet.

Bodhran Drums

Bodhran Drums$16.75-$27.95

Features a wooden shell, wooden dowel cross bracing in the back, a skin head, and a two headed wooden mallet. Comes in 10, 12, and 16 inches.

Small Den Den Drum (RB1195)

Small Den Den Drum (RB1195)$4.75

Also known as a Pellet Drum. Two head on a wooden frame, suspended on a handle and played by turning from side to side. Den Den Daiko

Tunable Hand Drums

Tunable Hand Drums$21-$27

Durably constructed with solid rim and guaranteed not to crack, split, or warp. High quality chrome plated tuning rim and adjusters. Excellent resonance when played with either the hand or mallet. Available in 10 and 12 inches.

Single Head Bongos (RB1025*)

Single Head Bongos (RB1025*)$10.5-$16

All single hand bongos are made of natural color wood with a quality skin heads and nylon strap handles. Available in small (5″x5″), medium (6″x5.5″), and large (6.5″x8″). **Mallet Included