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***SPECIAL*** Reg. $53.50!!  Bodhran Drum – Tie Dye 12″  (WMC-BO9202)

***SPECIAL*** Reg. $53.50!! Bodhran Drum – Tie Dye 12″ (WMC-BO9202)$43.50

WMC-BO9202     AGES 3+ This 12″ Bodhran has a beautiful natural skin tie dye head. The wood frame and the leather wrapped handle make this a favorite. Includes a leather headed beater.

HAND DRUM 6″ or 8″ w/Durable PVC Heads (WMC-HD5205-06 or WMC-HD5205-08)

HAND DRUM 6″ or 8″ w/Durable PVC Heads (WMC-HD5205-06 or WMC-HD5205-08)$7.89 - 8.89

HD5205-06SC • 6″ • GREEN • AGES 3+    HD5205-08SC • 8″ • PURPLE • AGES 3+ These pre-tuned hand drums come in two sizes and feature two colors. You can purchase them in green or purple. These are great sounding drums, the PVC heads will stand up to the test of time. Comes with beater.

Wooden Log-Tone Drum 4 Notes w/Mallet (WMC-7001) ***CLOSEOUT***

Wooden Log-Tone Drum 4 Notes w/Mallet (WMC-7001) ***CLOSEOUT***$36.00

Beautiful log drum with four notes. The drum measures  15″ x 5″ x 4″

Adventures With Rhythm Kit (WMC-KI7211)

Adventures With Rhythm Kit (WMC-KI7211)$62.00


International Rhythm Kit (WMC-KI7210)

International Rhythm Kit (WMC-KI7210)$97.00


African Talking Drum (WMC-TD9901)

African Talking Drum (WMC-TD9901)$51.25

african talking drum This 11″ x 5″ drum has a natural wood shell, natural skin head and includes a mallet. Also known as a squeezer drum, place under your arm and strike the head. Hear the sound get higher as you squeeze tighter.

Drumsticks (WMC-SM5101)

Drumsticks (WMC-SM5101)$1.85

drumsticks Sold as a pair, these are small size, solid wood drumsticks that can be used for all kinds of rhythm activities. Safety tested for ages 3+.

Ocean Drum (WMC-OD5201)

Ocean Drum (WMC-OD5201)$9.25

ocean drum Our ocean drum is constructed with a natural skin head, fabric covered shell and steel shot inside. It is played by gently rocking the drum back and forth to create the relaxing, soothing sounds of the ocean. Use this unique drum as a sound effect in music or storytelling, or to relax anbsp;… [View Details]

Shake Rattle And Drum (WMC-KI7101)

Shake Rattle And Drum (WMC-KI7101)$38.00

shake rattle and drum Fun for the whole family or class, this handcrafted wood set includes 7 pieces: A bucket drum with a natural skin head, a pair of drum sticks, a single jingle stick, a handled castanet and a pair of mini maracas.